Why Bloomr.SG?

We are *Mediacorp’s Creators Network that aims to empower like-minded individuals with extensive network support & resources to flourish and enrich audiences in myriad ways possible. If not us, who else?

*Mediacorp is Singapore’s biggest content creator, spanning digital, television, radio, print, social and out-of-home media. 

What are some of the ways Bloomr.SG can help in marketing my brand?

Influencer marketing and social listening are right up our alley. The team has come a long way servicing in-house tentpole events, multi-national corporations and government agencies. Depending on the product nature, we can customise and cater to your needs.

Why should I engage social influencers when product descriptions or online ads can do the job? Do consumers actually trust them?

Influencers share similar interests as their target audience and relate thoughts and concerns in their own terms through social media, in the form of videos, photos and events. Because influencers are usually a lot more accessible and engaging than celebrities, their messages convey trust and confidence.

Tell me more about your creators. What do they do?

Our content producers come from all walks of life and are unique in their own way. Original and adaptable, these talents are trusted by loyal communities with specific needs (eg. technology, fashion & beauty, travel, comedy, short films etc). Check out their profiles to find out more.

How is social listening important?

It helps to find out what makes customers tick, obtain user-generated content and competitive intelligence, leading to better product campaigns, sales leads and business growth.   

Are your rates high?

Rates start from $500 per post and are dependant on key objectives, target audience & time period of the campaign. Write to us for a quote with your campaign brief now! 

I want to be your content creator! What are the requirements?

Social media know-hows, go-getter attitude and original storytelling skills for sure. We look beyond paper credentials and age. Contact us with a short biography and your Youtube channel ID. We will follow up if there is a mutual interest.

I currently have my own social media channels with a decent number of subscribers / followers. Do I need to pay (or vice versa) to be part of Bloomr’s network?

We neither pay nor charge any one or any Youtube channel. In fact the team hope to propel you to turn content creation into a viable business for the future!

Anything else I should know?

That Bloomr.SG is always on the lookout for exciting projects / collaborations to make a creative and meaningful impact in people’s lives. Help us materialise such?