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Why size doesn’t matter

1 August 2018

You’ve heard the saying, “size doesn’t matter”. For the team at Bloomr.SG, Mediacorp’s creator network, they probably couldn’t agree more when it relates to the size of the social reach of an influencer, which may seem contrary to what some key sponsors and advertisers are looking for. To them, the influencer’s reach is just as important as the quality of the content produced.


How Should Brands Work with Content Creators? | Socialize Singapore March 2018

12 March 2018

With content creation becoming the priority of marketing budgets in 2018 (Cognizant), marketers face growing challenges in creating content that not only stays true to their brand, but also engages and resonates with their target audience. As independent content creators such as beauty vloggers, film makers and the like take over the same online channels marketers are vying for attention on, how should brands leverage this creator network?


Mediacorp launches Bloomr.SG to improve branded content offerings

11 September 2017

Mediacorp has launched Bloomr.SG, which aims to help content creators in Singapore produce creative formats in original content and brand storytelling, build their own communities and sustain their passion for content creation.


Mediacorp launches Bloomr.SG network to tie up with local content creators

11 September 2017

Mediacorp has launched a new creator’s network, titled Bloomr.SG, in a bid to help local content creators in delivering more content. This comes as the company looks to embark on a new initiative to “nurture and empower” independent creators.


Mediacorp launches network for budding independent creators

8 September 2017

Mediacorp on Friday (Sep 8) launched Bloomr.SG, an initiative to nurture and empower independent creators.

These creators are digital natives who connect with their communities around interesting ideas, consumer and cultural trends, as well as causes and movements, the broadcaster said in a media release.


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