Gangster Mum (Web-Series)

By Trevmonki

Total Episodes: 6



Elizabeth Boon as Abigail
Alicia McGregor as Chelsea
Lucas Lim as Marcus
Jamie Lau as Tiffany
Norbin Ngoh as Ex-Husband
Celine Leong as Young Tiffany
Koh Soo Theng as Abigail's Mum
Victoria Chen as Young Abigail



A comedy series about a prideful single gangster mum, Abigail whose whole life revolved around getting drunk, getting into meaningless fights and hopping from one temporary job to another changed after she got pregnant with a child. She started to change for the better because of her daughter, Chelsea. But it didn’t last, things took a bad turn when her husband dumped her and Chelsea. She returned to her unglamorous lifestyle again, to seek shelter from the harsh reality. Jobless, she had to figure out how to support her daughter’s school fees and allowance.

Throughout this series, Abigail will overcome difficult life challenges such as gambling issues, debt, daughter’s school fees and medical fees after being a grab driver, highlighting the limitless possibilities of the job.

My Gangster Mum debuted on September 13 2018.

Your Singaporean Kakis Banner.png

Your Singaporean Kakis (Season 1)



Total Episodes: 16



Chow Chee Wai played by Trev Tham
Loh Bang Sai played by Norbin Ngoh
Goh Rila played by Elizabeth Boon
Chow Xiao Lin played by Celine Leong



Your Singaporean Kakis is a comedy series that revolves around main characters, Chee Wai, Rila, Bang Sai and Xiao Lin, highlighting the bitter-sweets of life in Singapore.

This series will follow Chee Wai and his self-entitled comrades as they struggle through wacky but relatable situations trying to adapt to their new jobs because they are never satisfied with what they do. Throughout the first season, Chee Wai will learn to humble down, work hard and do what he has to do as an older brother to support his younger sister, Xiao Lin. Bang Sai will also discover his true passion in life and that Rila is his one true love – however, in this materialistic world, will Rila accept Bang Sai for who he is?


Your Singaporean Kakis debuted on April 8 2018.

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