Being content creators, we understand the challenges of making original, current edu-tainment that engages the majority of Singaporeans in 4 different languages.

The team at Mediacorp strives to get brands and our pool of young talents to swipe right at each other and achieve win-win through purposeful social media marketing solutions (more so, integrated with national TV channels, radio and multiple premium digital platforms). Positive energy is infectious!

One of our projects got nominated for
"Best Cross Platform Campaign"

by The Drum, Digital Advertising Awards APAC 2019.
Wish us luck!

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Not only do we closely monitor your company's social media platforms,
the team tactically manages the online community by

interpreting consumer feedback
and brand mentions

Content generation, nailing keywords & trending topics, identifying key competitors & industries, data analysis and story telling? That is OUR business.

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Singular and diverse, meet the brains behind social media content.


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Stay tuned as the king of audiophiles brings
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Meet The Team

Made up of fun-loving and creative peeps from different backgrounds, we strongly believe in coming up with consumer-centric engagement strategies (ie unconventional) and building meaningful business relations. Trust us to help you do what you love doing. 


Diogo Martins

Lead, Content & Community
An avid-but-weak gamer. A movie-cum-TV addict with green fingers. He has a couple of missing screws, and does a pretty good job at hiding them.

Lisa Low

Digital Brand Manager
Forever (willing to be) bitten by the travel bug, she enjoys everything and anything artsy-fartsy. Music is her 1st love. Beneath that RBF, lies a really warm personality. You have been warned.

Tatiana Ruru

Digital & Social Strategist
Aside from playing the clarinet for 6 years, she always has her earphones on. Music has been a big part of her life. She tends to do better around the kitchen, so says the International Culinary Center.


Khairulazmas Salim

Social Media Producer
Diversity is in his blood (read: 50% malay, 25% Indian and 25% Chinese). Other than snapping away during travel, the accomplished lensman indulges in FIFA and Fortnite. 

Nurhidayah Ekbal

Social Media Manager
Binge-watching foreign drama series? No problem (sssh, subtitles are her BFF...)! And she laughs way too much. Probably a disorder. Generally an inquisitive and friendly person, unless hunger pangs strike.

Janani Sridhar

Digital Analyst
A dreamer, number storyteller and shopaholic rolled into one. She plays the piano and has a mad love for wine, chocolates and avocado. 


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Over time, our creators have garnered praise and amassed fans around the world.
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